Advantages of Private Transfer

At least 10 minutes faster through the meeting at the airport,
The private transfer service is 30 minutes faster as you have to wait in line to get an official taxi from the airport to the city. The transfer is pre-booked online, so the driver will be there on arrival.
No problems with language:
In Spain, for example, it is already a challenge to ask a local taxi driver: "How much does a ride from the airport cost?". And if you start negotiating, you risk paying too much. By booking our service you get rid of such stress.
The price is known in advance:
Official services operate according to their own rates and private taxi drivers often determine the price according to the appearance of the tourist. In Italy, a price for a taxi to the train station can vary considerably, and a pricing policy for intercity taxis is even more unpredictable. With Go2Airportrs you learn the price when booking.
Online payment:
To travel from the airport to the city by taxi, for example when you arrive in Colombo or Bali, you need to change money. You can book a private transfer to the city and pay for it right away on the website.
Reserve and pay in advance:
If there is no information about the date and time of your flight, it is not possible to book a car from the city to the airport. And to be able to book online, you have to pay for the service not yet provided.
Transfer vs Taxi service booked via internet:
More reliable, if you need child seats, space for large luggage or a larger vehicle or minivan, you can reserve these, but yellow taxis do not offer minivan or larger vehicles.
Professional driver
Most of the service is provided by professionals, who constantly work with tourists. It is not possible for the driver to work part-time and not know how to get from the airport to the train station.
A lot cheaper:
It's the same as taking a taxi taken on site: a drive to an accommodation near the airport is likely to be unreasonably expensive. Since everything else is equal, a taxi service with a transfer company is a much cheaper option.
Transfer & public transport:
At least 1.5–2.5 times faster
A private transfer to a city is a journey on the shortest route with stops only at the request of the passenger. If necessary, the driver may be asked to drive faster.
Quiet and comfortable:
A meeting at the airport as close as possible to the arrivals hall, assistance with luggage and a car with an appropriate capacity are the standard of service.
Online payment:
It is the same as above, where our service and a taxi from the airport to the city are compared. You pay in advance online, so you don't have to look for money exchange offices on arrival.
Airport transfer classification
Via the route:
- a journey from an airport or other transport hub to the city or vice versa,
- a trip to the local city.
By picking up passengers:
- a private transfer with an airport meeting and a ride to a destination for one person or group of related people,
- a shared transfer in a minibus or bus for tourists who are not related, who have arrived at the airport at about the same time and who need a cheap transfer to a place to stay.
At final destination:
- transport to a ski resort in vehicles designed for the transport of ski equipment,
- a drive to a hotel in a tourist place with a possible mini-excursion,
- a trip to a beach vacation area, where water and air conditioning are needed in a car
and so on.
Who is this service designed for:
Families with small children
Groups of more than 4 tourists
Tourists with large luggage
Those who don't know how to get to / from the airport at night
People with a language barrier, afraid of getting lost
Those who arrange a trip for family members