How does work?
We are in contact with reliable companies that really provide airport transfer service, we make their transfer services ready for sale in "digital marketing channels" and offer them for sale. In addition, we provide the opportunity to receive quality transfer services to potential guests and passengers with the travel agencies, tour operators and airlines (B2B) that we have agreements with.
Users who purchase the service create a reservation in their digital sales channels, stating where they need to transfer from the airport or hotel, the times and dates of the desired transfers, and how many people the transfer is for. Then we send this airport transfer request to the companies that will perform the service we have contracted and the reservation process takes place quickly.
Taxinom is a digital sales channel management system to increase your transfer requests and increase your earnings.
If you are an airport transfer company, Taxinom can help you reach more business potential.
We connect local airport transfer companies directly to people looking for airport transfers in digital sales channels.
How much does cost?
It is completely free to add your company information to our website and send a quote. The prices you send for the region where you operate are mutually determined to be ready for sale (net & commission).
Is there anything you want to ask?
If you have any questions or want more information, please contact us on the contact page.